NJORD Estonia: The possibility of remote notarial authentication will be expanded

At the beginning of 2020, the Estonian Chamber of Notaries launched an online platform that included remote notarial authentication as an e-service. At first, the remote authentication platform was in a testing phase and the list of transactions that could be conducted was limited to authenticating powers of attorney, transferring or encumbering shares of companies, submitting marriage and divorce applications and succession applications, erasing and giving up real rights and commercial pledges.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and the resulting emergency situation, the functions of the e-service have been expanded, starting from 06.04.2020. Remote authentication is now possible for all notarial acts except for the certification of marriage and divorce and making marriage and divorce entries.

For example, it will be possible to remotely authenticate real estate transactions without leaving your home or office. Remote authentication can be requested from all notaries. Remote authentication is strictly a possibility and is not obligatory for anyone. Participants of a transaction may ask for the transaction to be made remotely but cannot be forced to do so.

Notarial acts which are authenticated remotely are the same as traditional notarial acts. The only differences are that the notary and the participant are not in the same physical room, communication is via video chat and the documents are signed digitally.

As before, remote authentication is not possible without an Estonian identification card, whether that is a resident's ID card, mobile-ID or e-resident's card.

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