NJORD Estonia is a member of the European Legal Technology Association (ELTA)

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As of May 2018 NJORD Tallinn is a member of the European Legal Technology Association (ELTA) , which is an association of law firms, companies, legal technology providers, start-ups, and individuals in Europe.

The Association regards itself as a platform specifically for the promotion of knowledge about, and the possible application of technology and software supported solutions in the legal market (legal technology) as well as its use within companies, law firms, start-ups, and other initiatives active in this area.

The ELTA addresses topics that are relevant for the use and continuous development of legal technology, develops specific proposals, and advocates these vis-á-vis the political sphere, business, media and society, promotes science and research, as well as European and international communication, in the legal technology field and its neighbouring disciplines. The goal is to encourage a dialogue between legal technology users and developers.

The topic is very close to the heart of NJORD Law Firm, and we wish to actively take part in creating the future. NJORD partner Anne Veerpalu together with Evert Nõlv from XLAW spoke about legal technology in a training session for the Estonian Bar Association on 27 April 2018.

Latest news

NJORD to coordinate a shareholder action funded by IMF LFS against Danske Bank for losses resulting from the money laundering scandal

IMF LFS (IMF), a wholly owned subsidiary of IMF Bentham Limited (ASX:IMF), has today proposed to fund (through its group investment vehicles) a Danish shareholder action against Danske Bank on behalf of the bank's shareholders. NJORD Law Firm will represent the shareholders in the action, which could become one of the largest claims ever filed with the Danish courts.

NJORD Estonia: Claims can be filed against trade secret violators

If information, above all know-how, concerning the commercial activities of a business falls into unauthorised hands, it may nullify the competitive advantage, provide an unfair advantage to other market participants and result in irreparable harm. Recently, in the middle of December 2018, rules that specify the protection of trade secrets entered into force. These rules also transposed into Estonian law the Directive on the Protection of Trade Secrets in force in the European Union.

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