NJORD partners inducted into Hall of Fame

This year, two partners in NJORD Law Firm, Ulla Fabricius and Thomas Ryhl, have been inducted into Legal 500’s "Hall of Fame". It is a prestigious stamp of approval and a recognition that they are among the best in their field - But what does this acknowledgement mean to them personally and professionally?

Ulla Fabricius – Shipping and Transport

Ulla Fabricius is inducted into the Hall of Fame for her work in Shipping- and Transport law. For the past many years, both Legal 500 and Expert Guide have ranked her among the internationally leading lawyers in transport law. Thus, she has qualified for the induction into the Hall of Fame this year, recognizing the few absolute top advocates who have consistently been designated as “Leading Individual” by Legal 500 for at least 7 consecutive years.

“As a female lawyer specialized within Shipping- and Transport law, I am proud to be recognized as a highly trusted legal adviser for many clients in the industry. I take particular pride in having worked closely together with the industry to obtain the changes in the regulation on driving and rest time, which were so essential for the industry.”

- Ulla Fabricius, Partner at NJORD Law Firm

Although parts of the legal industry view the importance of rankings differently, Ulla's experience is that clients often use them to qualify and support their choice of lawyer, and rankings are a tool often used by international investors. Furthermore, she points out that rankings and distinctions can have a motivating effect that may be particularly important to female lawyers:

“In the law industry and especially within my field, the top level is predominantly represented by men. I hope this will change in the future. And here, rankings can play a particularly positive role as they can put the top female lawyers in the spotlight. I did not have any female career role models when I was young and having role models is important.”


- Ulla Fabricius, Partner at NJORD Law Firm
Thomas Ryhl – EU and Competition

Partner at NJORD Law Firm Thomas Ryhl is inducted into the Hall of Fame for his work within EU and competition law. In recent years, he has conducted a number of spectacular litigations and negotiated with public authorities on complex matters regarding the scope and the boundaries of EU regulation. As the European Commission's Danish lawyer, he has brought proceedings against the Kingdom of Denmark before the European Court of Justice, where he has also won significant victories on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry and the free movement of goods, persons and companies.

“To win all the cases I’ve litigated before the Court of Justice of the European Union – whether representing the EU Commission, global corporations, or private individuals – has been a welcome reward for the countless hours spent on specializing and keeping up to date in the dynamic field of EU law. On top of that, it is of course a great recognition that my clients and competitors appreciate my work to the extent that I am inducted into Legal 500's Hall of Fame.”

- Thomas Ryhl, Partner at NJORD Law Firm

In addition to the top professional achievements, Thomas is, in particular, personally committed and proud of what the work has also brought him:

“On a personal level, it has been a great pleasure to see several years of pro bono work being rewarded with the Grand Chamber of the CJEU overturning the Danish restrictions on children's right to family reunification as unlawful and thus illegal in April 2016. This allowed reopening of all refusals since 2004 so that all illegal rejections were turned into permissions and hundreds of families can now live together again.”

- Thomas Ryhl, Partner at NJORD Law Firm

At NJORD Law Firm we are proud to represent Ulla and Thomas. Congratulations on the induction into the Hall of Fame!

NJORD-partnere optaget i Hall of Fame
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