Digital Responsibility

We are serious about digital responsibility

At NJORD Law Firm we have a long tradition of taking responsibility for and dealing with areas where we can make a difference legally – and cases about digital violations are one of these areas.


Legislation must reflect reality

We will not sit idly by and watch while people are bullied, harassed and extorted as violating pictures and videos of them are shared without their consent. The law is clear. This is illegal. Nevertheless, digital violations and digital crime do not have the same consequences as physical abuse, and something needs to change.

Digital violations are an increasing societal problem that is a huge burden on many people. Since 2016, NJORD has actively been working to combat illegal sharing of private, offensive images and films.

It does not help to say that you are not allowed to share pictures without consent, if it has no consequences. Then the legislation is but a hollow shell. It is important that we show that the legal system works by ensuring that digital violations also have consequences.”

Miriam Michaelsen, advokat, partner og bistandsadvokat i mere end 30 sager om digitale krænkelser

Digital Responsibility

NJORD supported the establishment of the association Digitalt Ansvar (“Digital Responsibility”) and assists the association with pro bono work to a large extent. The purpose of the association is clear: Violence, abuse and sexual violations have the same personal consequences for those who are victims on the internet, as it has for victims who are violated in the street or at home. The association consists of a number of volunteer entrants, researchers and lawyers, who together form an interdisciplinary team working to gain more knowledge about the impact of digital violations, current legislation, and effective investigation of digital violations.

It matters

The massive total effort by several parties against digital violations has created an increased awareness of the problem in society. We see a tendency towards a change in digital behaviour, increased maximum penalties for digital sexual violations, and an increased focus from the police on digital violations.

Miriam Michaelsen, along with her team, has assisted violated parties in more than 30 cases of digital sexual violations. She has also had an active role in the “Umbrella”-case as a lawyer for the violated girl.

In addition, she has actively worked to increase focus on the matter in the media by participating as an expert in the field both on radio broadcasts and in printed media. Miriam has held a wide range of courses and presentations for relevant stakeholders and participated in several debates in a wide range of articles, television and radio broadcasts and at Folkemødet (Denmark’s Political Festival on Bornholm) in 2018.