We are CO2 conscious

With the help of Climate Extender, we have calculated NJORD's total CO2 emissions, which we continually compensate for through solar and wind energy investments.

At NJORD, consideration and accountability are integrated into the small and simple choices of everyday life. We reduce travel activity and CO2 emissions by hosting online face-to-face meetings in digital meeting rooms. In addition, we have a number of office bicycles, which we use for meetings in the local area to minimize short-distance driving. Several departments have been digitized to minimize printing.


We make demands on our suppliers

We seek, as far as possible, to work with suppliers who have ambitious CSR policies and/or comply with the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. These requirements apply to current and future suppliers.

”When investing in products and services, it is always a priority that the production is environmentally friendly, and that the product is durable and of high quality. It’s both sustainable and meaningful because it pays off in the long run.”

Pernille Ringsted, HR and Brand Manager at NJORD Law Firm

Other examples of how we make a difference in everyday life:

  • Hotel bookings are booked through Goodwings instead of e.g. Hotels.com, whereby the profits go to charity.
  • Plastic bottles have been replaced by tap water, which is served at meetings and for employees.
  • Food waste is an area our canteens work diligently on.


We combine office work with movement

Health and movement are integrated into our daily lives. In collaboration with OfficeFit, who provides exercise equipment, we bicycle, step and stretch through the working day. In addition, we have invested in office bicycles, which we use for meetings in the local area to minimize short-distance driving. In recent years we have participated in the Danish Cyclists' Federation’s nationwide campaign “Vi cykler til arbejde” ("We bike to Work"). In May, about half of the office employees in Copenhagen chose to drop the car and public transport and bike instead. Together, we reached a total of 7,716 kilometres.