We have a flat organization structure

Our business organization structure is flat, creating a short distance to where decisions are made. This invites to both co-influence, openness and, not least, a strong community and commitment. The employees at NJORD have a major influence on the development of the company. We prioritize developing our strategy processes together, and employees continuously provide input for improvements and new initiatives.


We share our knowledge

We create openness through knowledge sharing. Therefore, we share our knowledge with you. Because when you are updated on the legislation and case law, you are aware of your options. And this strengthens our cooperation. We regularly publish news on important decisions and recent legislation. We regularly issue subject-specific newsletters with tips and the latest news about principal rulings.

“We live off our knowledge. Therefore, we consider it an important task to share our knowledge with the outside world. Therefore, all our news and newsletters are available and free for everyone”

Conni Falkner, COO and responsible for CSR at NJORD Law Firm

Internal and external transparency

To us, it is an important priority to show the world around us what kind of company we are – on social media, we provide an insight into how everyday looks at our offices.

Every quarter, a meeting is held for all employees in Copenhagen and Aarhus. Following the morning song, a status of operation and economy is provided, as well as information about major and remarkable cases. By doing so, we create openness and transparency throughout the organization.