Employment contracts and personnel policies

As an employer, it is important that you focus on the employment contracts – this applies to contracts with employees as well as executives. The employment contract is essential because it is the foundation of your relationship and your cooperation with your employees.

At NJORD Law Firm, we are specialized in drafting employment contracts, including contracts with salaried staff, temporary staff, other types of employees, consultants and executives.

We listen to your needs and assist you with the drafting of employment contracts. We ensure that the contracts comply with the law and are adapted to your company’s requirements.

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Employment contracts

When onboarding new people, it is important that the employer ensures every employment contract reflects the terms and conditions of the employment in question, whether it is an employment contract or Managing Director agreement.

In Denmark, there are extensive requirements for employment contracts for employees, and it is therefore important for companies to make sure that the employment contracts are both updated and compliant with the legislation.

Besides the legal requirement for employees, the contract is also the cornerstone of your collaboration with employees making it essential to ensure that employment contracts reflect both the expectations and the terms and conditions in relation to working at your company.

At NJORD, we advise companies on employment contracts. We take the time to understand your company's requirements and can assist in tailoring an employment contract that aligns with your needs. Furthermore, our team of lawyers are available to review existing contracts with the aim of optimizing them or ensuring compliance with the most recent legislation. We also offer assistance in a specific case, ensuring proper handling of such.


Managing Director agreements are characterized by a large degree of contractual freedom. Consequently, the agreement is essential as to define the responsibilities and authorities of the Managing Director, but also terms such as notice of termination, holiday, non-competition, and non-solicitation clause, renumeration, bonus, pension, etc.

At NJORD, we advise on all aspects of the Managing Director agreement from the negotiation of the terms to drafting the contract and incentive schemes. We also offer our assistance in interpretation of the contracts, and in specific cases of e.g. warnings, termination, entering severance agreements, summary dismissal, etc.


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