Bullying and harassment in the workplace can have far-reaching implications for both the employee and the company. A good working environment is of great importance to a well-functioning company and may prevent absence of work due to illness. Therefore, we recommend companies to have clear guidelines on and plans for the prevention and handling of bullying and harassment.
What is bullying and harassment?

It may be a matter of bullying or harassment, if a person is exposed to actions that he or she finds offensive or humiliating. Sexual harassment is bullying of a sexual nature. Both bullying and sexual harassment can be physical in the form of, for example, unwanted physical contact, or mental in the form of, for example, degrading comments or social exclusion.

Focus on the working environment

There is much attention on the mental working environment. Not only from the Danish Working Environment Authority but also from the media and organisations. It is essential that you, as an employer, decide how to handle cases of harassment in the workplace. If you do not react when one of your employees is exposed to harassment, it can have serious consequences for the employee and the company’s working environment, and it can result in compensation for violation of the Danish Working Environment Act.

What can you do?

NJORD Law Firm provides advice on measures for the prevention of bullying and harassment, and we can assist you with the handling of any challenges in your company.

An important tool when dealing with bullying and harassment, including sexual harassment, is to have clear personnel policies in the field. Clear personnel policies may, aside from preventing harassment, send a clear signal about the company’s values and create a safe working environment by informing the employees about what to do if they experience bullying or harassment in the workplace.

NJORD’s lawyers can assist you with the drafting of personnel policies that are tailored to suit your company’s requirements and to comply with the Danish Working Environment Act and other rules and practice in the field.

Digital bullying and harassment

Today, much work is performed digitally. Therefore, it is important to be aware that bullying and harassment can also take place in the digital world.

NJORD’s lawyers are experts in that field and can advise you on the specific challenges that may arise in the digital workplace.

NJORD has, among other things, received the Association of Danish Law Firm’s advokatKODEKS award for its efforts against digital offences.


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