Holidays and special holidays

Holidays and special holidays are an integral part of employment in DenmarkThe Danish Holiday Act holds significant importance for both private and public workplaces, as it applies to nearly all employees. It is therefore important to ensure your company's compliance with the regulations set forth by the Holiday Act concerning holiday planning, company closures during vacation periods, holiday notice procedures, and the allowances for taking holidays during a notice period.

The responsibility for adhering to the rules of the Holiday Act primarily lies with the employer. As such, it is vital for employers to be well-informed about the applicable regulations. By being aware of the Holiday Act's provisions, employers can effectively fulfill their obligations and ensure compliance within the organization.


In Denmark, it is customary to offer special holidays to employees. Special holiday entitlements are not governed by the Danish Holiday Act, offering substantial contractual flexibility. Employers have the freedom to determine the number of extra holiday entitlements, their allocation, usage, and how they are handled if an employee resigns.

To comply with the Employment Certificate Act, it is essential to provide employees with comprehensive information about all paid absences, including special holidays. Establishing a clear and transparent holiday policy is crucial to ensure compliance with legal requirements and foster a harmonious work environment.


At NJORD, we advise companies on holidays and days off. We take the time to understand your company's requirements and can assist in tailoring a holiday policy that aligns with your needs. Furthermore, our team of lawyers are available to review your existing holiday policy or offer assessments for specific cases, ensuring proper handling of holidays and days off.



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