Employment contracts and personnel policies

As an employer, it is important that you focus on the employment contracts – this applies to contracts with employees as well as executives. The employment contract is essential because it is the foundation of your relationship and your cooperation with your employees.

At NJORD Law Firm, we are specialized in drafting employment contracts, including contracts with salaried staff, temporary staff, other types of employees, consultants and executives.

We listen to your needs and assist you with the drafting of employment contracts. We ensure that the contracts comply with the law and are adapted to your company’s requirements.

Here, you can read more about how we can assist your company.

Employment contracts

We can assist you with the drafting of employment contracts to all types of employees, including salaried staff and temporary staff.

We offer both standard contracts and individually tailored contracts depending on your company’s requirements.

Furthermore, we can assist you with the drafting of incentive programmes and employment clauses, if required, as a condition or supplement to the contract.

Furthermore, NJORD offers a review of your company’s existing contracts with a focus on optimizing them or adapting them to comply with the most recent legislation.

Executive service contracts

The executive service contract is characterized by a large degree of contractual freedom.

NJORD Law Firm has extensive experience in the drafting, interpretation and negotiation of executive service contracts. We use our long experience to spot the best solution for your company.

We advise on every aspect of the executive service contract and assist you with the drafting of employment clauses and special incentive programmes for the executive.

Employee handbooks and personnel policies

An employee handbook or personnel policy specifying, for example, an alcohol policy or anti-bullying and anti-harassment policies, can be a good and valuable supplement to the employment contract.

NJORD Law Firm can assist you with the drafting and implementation of employee handbooks and personnel policies. Together, we can identify your company’s current and future needs and adjust the employee handbook accordingly.

Always updated on legal knowledge

We are always updated on legal knowledge. This ensures that our legal counselling always comply with the most recent legislation.

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