NJORD’s Swedish Team features Denmark’s most specialized Swedish legal department, comprised of Swedish lawyers seated in Copenhagen and led by attorney Emelie Svensson. The Swedish Team is specialized on corporate, IP and market entry and by this serve as a barrier breaker for global entities entering Sweden. NJORD is a true gateway to the Swedish market. 


The Swedish team at NJORD holds vast experience in assisting multinational entities in the entire corporate area, from the beginning to the end. This includes guiding companies through the process of establishing a company, employing workers and CEOs, registering IP rights, handling any corporate litigations, undertaking compliance matters, reviewing agreements as well as being the primary negotiators on behalf of global actors in the market.


We advise on all matters within Swedish law.


The Swedish team wants to see you succeed – both in raising capital and establishing or expanding your business in Sweden. For this, we provide cross-border legal services within all corporate law areas. We select a team of specialists to ensure that the required expertise and experience are available to handle your business, and we ensure that your business complies with requirements in Swedish law. Our expertise in this area is broad, including reviewing contracts and T&C, assuring compliance, and assisting in disputes and settlement negotiations.


The Swedish team is highly accustomed to navigating the complex and strict regulations of commercial law in Sweden, and we are happy to assist you in commercial disputes or with advice in Sweden. We strive to provide solutions compatible with your aspirations as well as the Swedish commercial regulations.


Specialised in IP matters, the Swedish team at NJORD provides all kinds of services concerning trademarks and copyright in relation to Sweden. 

The Swedish team is a full-service provider of all matters concerning Swedish trademarks, including Swedish searches, filings, and taking legal action against infringements, oppositions, domain disputes and appeals. NJORD’s Swedish team, led by Attorney Emelie Svensson, has had major success in trademark matters, all from 3D registration for luxury French perfume brands, trademark litigations, having infringement stopped in settlement proceedings, to domain disputes. When it comes to trademark protection, the Swedish team serves as a national protector of global brands, both by being one of Sweden’s largest actors at custom seizures of goods infringing trademark rights but also by being active in the market and staying closely connected with enforcement authorities, including holding seminars for the Swedish authorities regarding trademark infringements.


Furthermore, the Swedish team is also a full-service provider in relation to copyrights in Sweden, including settling online infringements and handling court cases on behalf of the film and music industry as well as on behalf of software developers. NJORD holds a special position in the Swedish market as the leading law firm in Sweden for interim injunctions and requesting information from ISPs. For this reason, major case law about the application of copyright law in Sweden today derives from NJORD’s precedent-setting cases. 


The Swedish team also has a wealth of experience assisting international and Swedish national employers with all areas of employment law within Sweden. Swedish employment law is complex, and the Swedish team can help you navigate the field, from drafting employment contracts for CEOs and workers to assisting with specific labour related questions and handling termination processes. The team is also specialised in Øresund cross-border employment matters or set-ups.


NJORD has a strong life science team and assists international clients with public procurement matters. This includes advice, strategy as well as handling court proceeding and appeals of tenders. The Swedish team has gained great knowledge in providing service in this regard and have vast experience in appealing matters – all the way to the Swedish Supreme Administrative Court.


By being a member of Øreundsadvokaterne and holding cross-border legal experience, including Swedish Attorneys working in Denmark and being members of both the Danish and Swedish Bar Association, NJORD is the preferred law firm for any company working cross-border, or looking to expand to the other side of Öresundsbron. NJORD has vast experience in handling with Danish-Swedish matters when it comes to executing market entry and in a easy and solution oriented manner introducing the Danish or Swedish company to the neighbouring country, and handling the entire process, including: market entry, setup, employment law, company taxation etc. 

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