Real Estate and Construction Law

Progress characterises the building and construction industry. These years, several complex and cost-intensive public construction projects are being realised. A growing number of these projects are organised as public/private partnerships, and there is a growing focus on ensuring that construction projects are sustainable and meet environmental certification schemes.

NJORD has been one of the leading law firms within the areas of real estate and construction for several years. We offer advisory services to the players in the construction industry requires in-depth knowledge of the legal, financial and environmental aspects of the law.

We represent the leading players in the property market, including local authority and private real estate companies, and we are at the front line as regards legal advisory services in complicated real estate transactions and other real estate matters.

We offer assistance to our clients in all legal areas relating to ownership or use of properties, for example:

In addition, we have gained extensive expertise over the years in matters relating to both major international construction projects and small-scale local construction projects. For example, we have been offering assistance to contractors and property owners at various development stages.


“Headed by Erik Larsson, NJORD Law Firm often assists clients with commercial transactions, project development and procurement matters.”

– Legal 500, 2017


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