Provision of legal services in connection with construction projects

NJORD Build in Denmark is a one-stop shop with an international group of lawyers. Except for project management, we can provide any service required, from pre-tender to dispute resolution. We maintain a leading position in Danish construction law and EC procurement law, but there is so much more to tender processes and construction projects.
Pre-tender and tender procedures

In the pre-tender and tender procedure phases, we provide legal advice of great relevance to the calculation of the tender, such as:

  • advice on and calculation of options for remuneration of employees, including gross net tax calculations for local employees (while ensuring compliance with collective bargaining
  • agreements), seconded personnel, etc., allowing a much better pre-estimate of crucial cost factors
  • provision of details on other employees and local costs
  • assistance in formulating the tender to the specific employer
  • assistance in formulating the offer or bill of quantities in order to receive the best remuneration for extra works
  • advice on the allocation of legal risks related to the tender and mitigation of (legal and insurance) costs
  • advice on the optimal corporate and tax structure
Post-tender award

With the tender award we can:

  • assist in establishing the necessary corporate entities
  • assist in contract negotiation and drafting, including contracts based on FIDIC conditions of contract or the AB 18 system for Danish construction projects
  • draft employment and secondment agreements and provide detailed calculations of gross wages based on net figures taking account of social security schemes and applicable collective
  • bargaining agreements
  • assist in ensuring housing and other necessities
  • draft subcontracts as effective project execution tools mitigating the risks under the main contract, ensuring proper compliance and employing back-to-back terms as needed
  • provide legal advice on the commercial aspects of subcontracts and provide proposals for subcontractors
  • arrange mandatory postal and electronic mailing addresses, bank accounts, etc
Construction project execution

During the execution phase, our lawyers can provide:’

  • regular courses in Danish construction law for contract and project managers
  • direct ad-hoc contract management advice, including contract terms based on AB and FIDIC
  • non-litigation legal services
  • optimized calculations of extra works
  • claim management services, including delay claims and forensic delay analyses
  • dispute resolution services in courts and international arbitration institution

You always have the option of receiving our advice through a single point of contact (key account) and in your own language. In this way, we are able to minimize misunderstandings and ensure the best possible partnership. The single point of contact may be switched during the period.

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