Latvia has simplified regulations for hiring of employees*

As from the end of 2019, Latvia has simplified the regulations for hiring foreigners.

If a Latvian employer plans to hire a foreigner, the employer must advertise the vacancy with the Employment Agency. However, now the period of publication of the advertisement is 10 days, instead of the 30 days prescribed previously.

Advertising the vacancy with the Employment Agency is not necessary, if:

  1. The employee is replaced by an employee who has worked in Latvia for another employer for at least two years.
  2. The employee changes profession (position) with the same employer.
  3. The employee has worked during studies and continues to work for the same employer after graduation.

To employ a foreigner, there is no need to present documents on education or experience anymore, if the foreigner will be employed in simple, repetitive work performed by hand tools. This includes, for example, as cleaners, gardeners, seasonal workers in agriculture or auxiliary employees in various fields (construction, catering, hotel business, etc.).

*in this case, a foreigner means a citizen of a third country, i.e. a person without citizenship in any EU or European Economic Community Member State or Switzerland.

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