NJORD Estonia: Salary compensation can be applied for from April 6, 2020

The Unemployment Insurance Fund has published an instruction of applying for the salary compensation, starting on April 6, 2020, on its website.

Töötasu hüvitist saab taotleda 6. aprillist 2020

To run a smooth application process, the Unemployment Insurance Fund provides a replay of a webinar on its website, explaining how the application procedure in the E-Töötukassa environment works. During the webinar, a detailed overview of the submitted documents will be provided and frequently asked questions will be answered. According to the recommendations of the Unemployment Insurance Fund, a company that wishes to apply for the benefits for more than 100 employees should wait until April 9, 2020 to submit an application. This is because it is then technically possible to present a larger amount of data at one go (e.g. in an Excel spreadsheet).

The slides of the webinar can also be found on the Unemployment Insurance Fund's website.

Read the instructions of the Unemployment Insurance Fund or see the Unemployment Insurance Fund webinar (the webinar is only available in Estonian and Russian). 

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