NJORD Estonia: Employment contract is not the only option!

Nowadays, work is not always done from 8 to 5. There are jobs, that classify as more of a service and don’t have to be carried out at the location of the employer or client. Estonia is on a steady course towards flexible work relations, which means changes should be made in the way we formalize employment relationships.

Instead of ‘doing’ work, workers sell their skill sets, that the work providers buy at an agreed upon price. Knowing this, you have three options of formalizing employment relationships.

  1. Traditional employment contract - work is done under direct supervision and by certain rules.
  2. Contract for services – work is done to carry out a project (project-based work).
  3. Authorization agreement – for providing services.

So, don't rush, and choose a contract that works best for the specific job as well as the specific employee and it's a win for everyone!

Need more information about choosing the right type of contract? Contact NJORD’s lawyers Katrin Sarap and Triinu Hiob!

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