NJORD Estonia: It’s possible to submit a claim for one million euros to the labour dispute committee!

From January 2018, the Labour Dispute Resolution Act, which replaced the previous Individual Labour Dispute Resolution Act, came into force. The Act governs the procedure for the resolution of labour disputes submitted to the labour dispute committee.

So far only financial claims up to 10 000 euros could be submitted to the labour dispute committee, but the new Act doesn’t set any limits to the size of the claims. That means, that you could even file a claim for one million euros. Even better, if the claim doesn’t exceed 6400 euros, the chairman of the committee can singlehandedly, on their own initiative, process that claim with a written procedure. That saves a lot of time for both sides. It also means, that when filing or disputing a claim, all arguments must be proven.

In addition, the labour dispute committee can also carry out conciliation procedures and make compromises, which are approved by the chairman of labour dispute committee with a regulation.

Need more information about labour dispute committee proceedings? Contact NJORD’s attorneys Katrin Sarap and Triinu Hiob.

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