Tallinn is among most favorable cities for startups in the world

Tallinn ranks 18th out of 60 cities for startup readiness indicator which is applicable for very young companies and individual entrepreneurs, and 28th for scale up indicator which is more appropriate for rapidly growing firms with at least 10 employees.

The highest places Tallinn has been ranked for business environment (7th in startups and scale-up indicators) and entrepreneurial culture (10th in startup and 17th in scale-up rankings). The lowest ranking indicators Tallinn has got for knowledge spillovers (49th for both), market (37th and 36th respectively) and lifestyle (32th for both).

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However, how true to life this ranking is? Certainly, there are special important indicators which are taken into consideration during the assessment process. The question here is how objectively they reflect the reality of each city. Safety, bureaucracy and even traffic comfortability should not be overlooked as well as it impacts people who are working in the startups. Estonian startup Teleport gives more options to choose the best place to live and work. Along with those mentioned above Teleport has data about housing prices, transport connectivity, climate, safety, business freedom and even human rights situation in particular city. Such a detailed individual customized analytics tool can offer better value for founders or startup teams.

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