Five important things to keep in mind when doing business with Danes

Be prepared for honesty!

  • Danish business people are very direct – they say what they think. Business wise it is a great quality, since you will know what you are dealing with and will receive straight answers.

When the agreement is signed, the price negotiations start!

  • In business relations Danes are pragmatic, fast and not too cautious. It is easy to enter into an agreement with a Dane. He would however always like to have the pricing issue open for further negotiations and haggling is a national sport.

Danes keep their business life and private life separated!

  • Do not get surprised if the person you became good friends with yesterday at the pub keeps a distance and is slightly aggressive when you meet the next day for business negotiations.

Denmark is also digitalized, but not to the same extent as Estonia

  • Also in Denmark you can register a limited liability company within a couple of hours. All information from public authorities in Denmark is sent to your digital inbox.

Be Nordic!

  • Just be yourself but emphasize our Nordic features and our common history and Danes will feel more comfortable doing business with Estonians when they understand that we share much of our cultural background.

NJORD partner Karolina Ullman will be more than happy to help you if you have any questions regarding doing business with Danes.

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