Five important things to keep in mind when doing business with Norwegians

NJORD partner Karolina Ullman lists 5 most important things to know when  doing business with Norwegians.

  • Remember that you have different expectations regarding time!

 To avoid misunderstandings, discuss what you mean by “as soon as possible”. Estonians are doers and want all to be made now while Norwegians are typically not in a hurry at all.

  •  In case of mishaps – call first!

 Norwegians prefer a telephone call instead of a long e-mail when something goes wrong, in opposite to the normal reaction of an Estonian. Your call can of course be followed by an e-mail where you repeat your message but remember to talk to each other too. Norwegians want to be in long-term business relations, so you have everything to win by straighten out misunderstandings as soon as you can identify them.

  •  Check what time it is before you call!

 As Norwegians eat very little for lunch you should aim for morning phone calls as their human needs will guide them away from work and towards home early. Do not bother to call to an office after 16:00 on a weekday or after 15:00 on a Friday. No-one will answer.

  •  Norway is also digitalized!

 According to EUs 2017 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), Norway has the second most advanced digital economy in Europe (although not a member of the EU) only surpassed by Denmark. Estonia is ranked higher for digital public services, but the digital connectivity is actually higher in Norway.

  • Be Nordic!

 Just be yourself but emphasize our Nordic features and the Norwegians will feel more comfortable doing business with Estonians when they understand that we share much of our cultural background.


Need more good tips on how to do business with Norwegians? Contact NJORD partner Karolina Ullman.


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