Expanding the Nordic Gateway at NJORD

Before welcoming the year 2020, let’s take a step back and recollect some of the events and achievements of the great year of 2019 at NJORD Law Firm. In 2019, NJORD continued its growth within the Nordic Market and further strengthened its position as a one point of contact covering the entire region for clients outside the Nordic countries.

NJORD has legal experts from all Nordic jurisdictions enabling us to offer legal advice in the local languages, apart from having over 20 nationalities represented. In addition to the strong Nordic roots, NJORD is proud of its one-stop-shop nature – enabling us to assist clients in any cross border or Nordic national matters all under the same roof. NJORD is, therefore, the true gateway to the Nordic region for a vast majority of our global clients.

Some of the noteworthy events of 2019:

  • NJORD continues to be a prominent player in the IP field throughout the Nordic region – NJORD’s IP team maintained its strong position and secured its position with highly ranked legal practitioners within the intellectual property field. NJORD is the number one filer of trademark registrations in Denmark, files the majority of all the copyright matters filed to the Swedish Patent- and Market Court, and continues to be the preferred law firm in the Nordics in respect of handling trademark monitoring and litigation, not to mention domain name disputes.
  • NJORD continues to be the clients’ primary choice for entering or establishing businesses in the entire Nordic market. As in previous years, NJORD has assisted through the entire process of establishing businesses in the region.
  • NJORD’s Nordic teams have further strengthened their presence in the employment law field by handling an increasing amount of assignments from all over the Nordic region. This has a direct link to NJORD establishing businesses in the Nordic countries, leading to the handling of other employment matters, taxation advice, and corporate legal, strategic support throughout the Nordic region.
  • NJORD has strong relations to all Nordic countries – the Nordic team consists of legal experts from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. It currently has lawyers from all Nordic countries, and several attorneys admitted to the national Bar Associations. As the growth within the Nordic Market continues, our expert team at NJORD is continuously expanding, and in 2019 bright new talents have been welcomed. NJORD’s Nordic teams are present in the Nordic market and have, for instance, this year again had representatives visiting Slush, the world’s leading startup and tech event in Helsinki, which brings together founders of startups and investors.
  • NJORD’s strong roots within IP are also demonstrated by our legal professionals’ memberships of different associations, such as INTA, ECTA, MARQUES, PTMG well as the Finnish, Swedish and Danish local anti-counterfeiting groups.
  • NJORD has focused on preserving the valuable current connections and actively continued building new relations within the Nordic region and globally. NJORD has successfully expanded its clientele, not only of global multinationals entering the region but also within the region as experts in cross border matters.

In short, 2019 has been a wonderful year for us, and we hope 2020 will be even greater. The N(j)ordic Teams would like to use this opportunity to express our gratitude for the past year and thank all the clients for their valuable cooperation.

We at NJORD wish you a heartwarming holiday season and a prosperous new year.

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