Merger between NJORD Law Firm and Brockstedt-Kaalund

NJORD Law Firm and Brockstedt-Kaalund are merging their businesses and forming Denmark’s eighth largest law firm.

NJORD Law Firm og Brockstedt-Kaalund sammenlægger deres virksomheder og danner dermed Danmarks ottende største advokatfirma.

As of 1 October 2020, the two law firms will join forces under the name of NJORD and count more than 260 people in Denmark and the Baltics. The merger is a significant strengthening of capacity and will provide the opportunity to benefit from expert knowledge – also internationally.

Both law firms are known to place great emphasis on high job satisfaction.

‘We will continue to focus on creating great teams with engaging professional challenges together with colleagues and with flexibility in the daily work,’ says Lars Lokdam, Managing Partner at NJORD Law Firm.

The importance of size

‘Size is an important factor in our industry. Professionality is refined, large-scale operations keep legal costs down, and visibility attracts the most skilled persons. Together, we can run our business better and more efficiently,’ says Lars Lokdam, Managing Partner at NJORD Law Firm.

Brockstedt-Kaalund announced earlier this year that they were ready to expand their business by merging.

‘We have long wanted to become a greater player in central Jutland. For us, it is important to be in motion and seize the opportunities that can place our business in the top rank of Danish law firms. The merger with NJORD meets our requests, and the professional match between competences is near perfect,’ says Henrik Lyhne, Managing Partner at Brockstedt-Kaalund.

An excellent match

The new company is focused on maintaining and expanding the original two law firms’ core competences in specialized business consulting and some areas in private consulting.

‘The merger is a significant reinforcement. In several areas, NJORD and Brockstedt-Kaalund are an excellent match between competences which will benefit our business as well as our clients,’ says Lars Lokdam, Managing Partner at NJORD Law Firm.

Brockstedt-Kaalund have, among others, a strong insolvency team, and in merging with NJORD’s Copenhagen office containing many highly specialized departments, it will be able to solve major insolvency tasks.

The new volume will also make it possible to integrate new technology to a greater extent – this applies both to optimization of internal procedures and development of legal tech services for clients.

National og international ambitions

‘NJORD wants to continue to grow in Denmark with those who believe in solid professional standards and a strong international profile. With the largest German-speaking department in Denmark and lawyers from all the Nordic countries working from the Copenhagen offices, the international aspect will remain a priority,’ says Lars Lokdam, Managing Partner at NJORD Law Firm.



  • 205 employees, including 91 legal advisers in Denmark
  • 55 employees, including 44 legal advisers in the Baltics
  • Offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Silkeborg, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius
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