Annual Report 2020 | Maritime and Transport Law

In the Maritime and Transport Team's annual report, we again summarise the legal trends that have been the most focused on in the transport industry in 2020. Also, we look at the trends that we believe will impact on the industry in 2021.

2020 was a year that came to be severely marked by the corona pandemic, which turned our lives upside down. Of course, this also applied to the transport industry.

In this Annual Report, we have followed up on the container market situation, where freight rates have risen to new heights due to a shortage of containers and the lack of space onboard the container ships, which also causes delays and accrual of container demurrage and container detention.

In NJORD's transport team, we are particularly proud that we assisted with the conclusion of a transport agreement with the Danish authorities on the distribution of the first COVID-19 vaccines in Denmark. You can read more about this in our annual report.

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