Status Update: The 25-hour parking limit criticised by the EU Commission

The new 25-hour time limit for lorry parking along the Danish highways came into force on July 1 2018. However, as expected, the implementation of the rule has not been without problems.

In a letter of formal notice addressed to the Danish government, the European Commission has called for the abolition of the 25-hour rule, which the Commission considers constitutes indirect discrimination against EU citizens in breach of EU law. According to the Commission, especially the foreign drivers are affected by the 25-hour rule, as they, opposed to the Danish drivers, do not have the opportunity to return home when they are required to rest for a longer period time.

Transport companies have already begun reacting to the new parking rules. Blue Water Shipping, for example, has introduced a separate parking surcharge of 3.5% of the freight amount, and other carriers are investigating whether they can finance or offer lorry parking on their own premises.

Last week, Parking Control Nord announced that due to questions regarding the EU law and in the wake of the Commission's letter of formal notice, it will not impose fines for violations of the 25-hour rule. However, this subsequently prompted the Minister of Transport to announce that the Danish government maintains that the new Danish parking rules are in force. Parking Control North has now resumed enforcement of the rule.

The government has a deadline to respond to the Commission's letter of formal notice before September 19, 2018. However, whatever the outcome, a final EU decision is not expected any time soon.

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