What is the shipping legislation in Denmark?

Get an overview of key legislation for shipping in Denmark with the latest edition of the internationally recommended guide “Getting the Deal Through: Shipping”. NJORD has contributed with the Danish chapter.

Recently, the internationally acclaimed guide “Getting the Deal Through: Shipping” has been published. The guide is a comprehensive overview of the legislative framework for the shipping industry covering 36 jurisdictions in one publication.

Shipping law experts Ulla Fabricius from NJORD Law Firm have contributed with expert information for the Danish chapter, giving you a full overview of the legislative framework and regulation for Shipping in Denmark. The chapter gives you answers to main questions concerning e.g. ship registration and mortgages; carriage of goods by sea and bills of lading; jurisdiction and dispute resolution, as well as limitation of liability.

Main questions covered in the Danish chapter:

  • Who may apply to register a ship in your jurisdiction – and is dual registration and flagging out possible and what is the procedure?
  • What limitation regime applies? What claims can be limited? Which parties can limit their liability?
  • What sanctions may the port state control inspector impose?
  • Which international conventions or protocols are in force in relation to collision, wreck removal, salvage, and pollution?
  • In respect of what claims can a vessel be arrested? In what circumstances may associated ships be arrested?
  • What is the procedure for initiating and conducting judicial sale of a vessel?
  • What time limits apply to claims? Is it possible to extend the time limit by agreement?


Getting the Deal Through: Shipping

The guide provides a cross-jurisdiction analysis of maritime regulation for the international shipping industry with leading local practitioners outlining the laws for their jurisdiction.

Each chapters treats the following topics in relation to the local jurisdiction:

  • Newbuilding contracts
  • Ship registration and mortgages
  • Limitation of liability
  • Port state control
  • Classification societies
  • Collision
  • Salvage
  • Wreck removal and pollution
  • Ship arrest
  • Judicial sale of vessels
  • Carriage of goods by sea and bills of lading
  • Jurisdiction and dispute resolution
  • Limitation periods for liability

Want more insight into one of the 35 other jurisdictions covered by the guide? Get access to additional jurisdictions in Getting the Deal Through: Shipping.

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