Road haulage: Expanding the coverage of current regulation

Current Danish regulations does not apply to road haulage carried out by vehicles weighing less than 3.5000 kg. This means that road hauliers operating vans with a weight of less than 3.500 kg. are allowed to carry out road haulage without an operator’s license.

However, a new legislative proposal has been put forward that will expand the scope of the rules. If adopted, the use of vehicles that weigh more than 2.000 kg requires a license to carry out road haulage. The license for these operators is subject to similar requirements as the license for the road haulage companies operating vehicles weighing 3.500 kg or more. These include various requirements to the financial condition of the road haulage companies, and that the companies comply with applicable collective agreements concerning pay and working conditions.

The proposal does not envisage that the rules on driving time and rest periods shall apply to vans weighing less than 3.500 kg.

The new act is expected to come into force 1. July 2018.

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