Quarterly Update November 2020

In this quarterly update, we offer an overview of the new rules applicable to international road transport. This allows you to easily get an overview of the complicated rules in the Mobility Package and the specific national rules applicable in Denmark. We have also listed the dates for when the different rules will take effect and, as you can see, many rules have already come into force, while several are on the way, so it is about time to get updated and get the business adjusted.

Kvartalsopdatering november 2020

Inspections of heavy-duty vehicles are something many transport companies have become acquainted with, be it in the form of company inspections or roadside inspections. In our quarterly update, we provide you with useful information about what rights and obligations you have when you become subject to an inspection.

We also review some recent good key judgments, which are useful to learn from. Also, we are introducing a shortlist of a few new judgments that are interesting – Brief news from the courts.

We have developed a guide on bunker delivery contracts, where we review typical contract terms that shipowners or charterers need to pay special attention to. As many bunker suppliers use standard terms in their contracts with shipowners or charterers, knowing what to pay special attention to is essential.

At NJORD, we completed the merger with Brockstedt-Kaalund law firm on 1 November 2020. Thus, NJORD will have a significant presence in Jutland, with offices in both Silkeborg and Aarhus. It is no secret that completing the merger in the middle of a corona pandemic has been a challenge. However, we have reached the goal, and we look forward to providing an even more comprehensive range of assistance to our clients, now that we have more than 260 employees in Denmark and the Baltics.

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