Real Estate in Denmark

For many people, a house or an apartment is one of life’s biggest investments. The process of buying property in Denmark can be filled with uncertainty. Therefore, we recommend you to contact a Danish lawyer, who can advise you on the possibilities and help you achieve the best result.

At NJORD Law Firm, we take pride in offering the highest quality of advice. Every day, we advise both private and professional buyers and sellers. We have in-depth knowledge of current law in this field and know how to handle all the practical aspects. Therefore, we can ensure a transparent process, where you go safely and confidently through the purchase of a property.

Buying real estate in Denmark

When purchasing a private property, we recommend legal assistance from an impartial lawyer. The real estate agent is the seller’s man, whereas a lawyer, who represents you, will act in your best interest.

Furthermore, we recommend that you ensure that the real estate agent adds a clause to the purchase agreement, a so-called “reservation for your lawyer’s approval”, before you sign it. This reservation is free and when added, the sale will not be completed before your lawyer has approved the purchase agreement.

Buying real estate as a foreigner

Danish legislation on the acquisition of a house or an apartment in Denmark varies from other EU countries. The requirements of buying real estate in Denmark can be unclear. It can be difficult to see the full scope of your possibilities regarding the purchase agreement and how to finance the purchase.

Certain rules apply when foreigners want to buy a house or an apartment in Denmark. You may have to submit an application to the Department of Civil affairs. However, the process varies depending on whether you wish to purchase an all-year residence or a vacation home. Furthermore, it depends on whether you are an EU citizen and if you are currently living in Denmark.

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What we offer

Our lawyers can help and guide you through the entire process of purchasing a property by going over the purchase agreement and advising you regarding:

We also offer advice in connection with:

When buying real estate in Denmark, there is a long list of matters that you must consider. For example, the ownership position:

NJORD Law Firm has extensive knowledge in this field. We assist with the drafting of co-ownership agreements, wills, prenuptial agreements, tenancy agreements and other relevant documents.

Selling real estate in Denmark

When selling your property, it is essential to receive legal advice from an impartial lawyer, because as a seller, you have no statutory cancellation rights. This means that once the purchase agreement is signed, you are bound by it.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you let a lawyer go through the purchase agreement before you sell the property. This is your way to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future and to fulfill your duty to disclose material facts. It is possible to make the real estate agent add a “reservation for your lawyer’s approval” clause on behalf of the seller in the purchase agreement.

What we offer

We can assist you throughout the entire sales process and secure the best possible result by:


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