Uncertain future for the Mobility Package

EU’s transport ministers made a general recommendation concerning the first part of the “Mobility Package” on 4 December 2018. This part is primarily intended to improve the social condition of drivers.

The section proposes amendments to the rules on cabotage, driving and rest time and the highly controversial problem regarding the application of rules on the posting of workers in relation to drivers in the highly mobile transport sector. The negotiations of the EU’s new Mobility Package, which has been anticipated for quite a while, might continue for a while.

On the grounds of the general recommendation of the Council, the European Parliament Committee on Transport voted on the first part of the Mobility Package on 10 January 2019. The voting resulted in a rejection of the rules. Only a compromise regarding the rules on cabotage was passed, while the rules on posting of the drivers and the rules on driving and rest time were rejected.

The prospects of the mobility package are now uncertain. The next election to the European Parliament is expected to be held in May 2019. And if the new rules are not enacted by then, the Commission is forced to start over and prepare a new bill. So far, the European Parliament has a week to present a new plan for the further consideration of the Mobility Package.

Read our former news update regarding the specific rules of the mobility package. Only the rules on cabotage, explained in this, have been adopted by the European Parliament. The remaining are now subject to further negotiations.

> EU’s transport ministers agree on mobility package

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